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It's all about life long learning

Tanja Saarinen | It's all about life long learning | Photo by Anita Löfberg

Last week I celebrated my birthday and I wrote in my blog (check it out here) what have I learned about traveling during the past year. After receiving so many wonderful messages, I also started thinking what else life have taught during the past twelve months. Even though starting my MBA studies have taught me tremendously, I realized the twists and turns of life have given me even more valuable lessons. So here we go:

1. Ask help. Being a modest, independent Finns has meant that I always try to tackle challenges by myself. But you know what? It is a lot of easier and way more fun with others! You have to opportunity to share your ideas and receive feedback from different perspectives that will only take your ideas and endeavors to the next level.

2. Pay it forward. If you have time and resources, why not help others for free? By helping others, I have gained so much myself! VOIMABILEET is a superb example of this.

3. Trust your intuition. When something doesn't feel right, don't force it. If I don't feel creative enough to write a blog why not taking a stroll in the forest instead? If you feel like starting a new chapter in your life, do it! I acknowledge that not all trust they gut feeling and prefer more logical approach, yet if you have a tendency to act upon your feelings (just pay attention not to be too impulsive), why not trust your gut feeling when making decisions as well?

4. It is okay to rock the boat every now and then. World needs creativity and innovation!

"It is okay to rock the boat every now and then." Says Tanja | Photo by Anita Löfberg

5. Social media. Oh what a jungle of information! Definitely overwhelming to begin with but rewarding once you start understanding the world of algorithms (though when you learn them, something changes and what you did previously doesn't work anymore). But well, that just summarizes the idea of lifelong learning; change is the only constant.

6. Embrace yourself. Nothing less, nothing more. But remember when you put your mind and heart into it, you can achieve anything!

7. Enjoy. It is okay to watch Masterchef Australia for five hours or go for a 10km run, whatever you enjoy the most in the moment! And most importantly, not feeling guilty about it.

8. I still love love love traveling and different cultures! Do what gives you joy.

Whether you are studying in an institution or by yourself, keep developing yourself and your skills. Read and listen to books, engage in interesting conversations, watch videos about topics you have only remotely heard about. You never know what life has to offer behind the next corner!

What have you learned during the past year?

With empowering regards,


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